My First Week in Hong Kong – Francesc Lucena

Top: Dinner @ Mui Kee in Mong Kok. From left: Alvin, Fran, Matteo, Julian, Peien. Bottom left: neon lights and signs in Mong Kok. Bottom right: looking out at Clear Water Bay from the campus

To round up Tuesday, we bring you the final piece of “My First Week in Hong Kong” from FTMBA Intake 2016 Spaniard Francesc Lucena Juve. Between Alvin, Eunice and now Fran – that’s a lot of mileage they’ve covered to come to Hong Kong, and a lot more that they will be covering in the coming year!

1. Where are you from? España, Xibanya (西班牙), Spain.

2. What were you doing right before coming to HK? Studying Mandarin in Beijing for a few months and before that, venture capital in a corporate venture capital fund in Madrid.

3. What’s your first impression of HK? Gorgeous, crowded, HOT and humid. It is a truly unique place!

4. What was your first impression of the campus? Gorgeous x 2 and inspiring.

5. What were you most anxious about before coming to HK? I had a few rough days in Beijing while studying Chinese. Learning Mandarin was a slow process, and doing it full-time was a very intense exprerience. Suddenly I realized I had no salary, no work pressure (which I am addicted to by now) and I lost my bearings for a while. Questions about my professional future, cultural fit, MBA debt and many other things sprang up in my mind.

6. Made any friends already? Tons of them. I am struggling to remember so many names!

7. Homesick already? I’ve been abroad for a while already so I’m used to it by now.

8. Any HK delicacies you’ve already tried this week? Two gems to mention: (i) Mui Kee in Mong Kok. Julian, a local classmate, took us there and we had the most delicious and authentic HK meal. I cannot name the dishes, but almost everything looked and tasted amazing there! As for pre/post-clubbing (ii) Tsui Wah in Lan Kwai Fong, recommended by Phebe and we ended up having dinner there twice on the same day (before and after partying).

9. What are you looking forward to new week? I am looking forward to having the whole class on campus. I am also very excited about the welcome lunch and program overview.

10. How many loads of laundry have you done already? One HUGE load. Doing my second load right now! (In my defense, the washing machines and dryers at HKUST can hold up to 10kg per load!)


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