My First Week in Hong Kong – Eunice “EJ” Kim

What’s so special about the cover photo from Eunice? “I took this picture on the first morning after I moved into HKUST. I went for a jog at 7am and was welcome by another picturesque view of the campus!”

We asked three students from Full-Time MBA Intake 2016 who came in early for the Mandarin program how their first week went. Here’s what Eunjeong aka EJ told us:

  1. Where are you from?  I’m South Korean, and I’m from New Dehli, India.
  2. What were you doing right before coming to HK? I packed up all my belongings in India and went to Korea to meet my family and friends. My family and friends are big supporters of my adventures! They had already encouraged me to come to Hong Kong 7 years ago (although my grandmother “blackmailed” me emotionally”).
  3. What’s your first impression of HK? It’s such a fast-paced city! Even the escalators moved a lot faster than those in Korea. (Avg speed of escalator: HK – 45m per min., KOR – 30m per min., reported in Yeonhap news 4.Sep.2015)
  4. What was your first impression of the campus? Shangri-La! As soon as I entered the north gate, I saw the giant piazza with Clear Water Bay in the background. It was absolutely breathtaking!
  5. What were you most anxious about before coming to HK? Carrying 100kg of luggage! 
  6. Made any friends already? Yes! I already met other Delhite classmates before coming come to HK. Then I made new friends with my roommate Mehak and other neighbors in Tower C. I spent a few afternoons of my first week with them shopping, jogging, practicing golf and having afternoon tea. 
  7. Homesick already? Not at all. During the past week I’ve been really excited to make HK my “home”.
  8. Any HK delicacies you’ve already tried this week? As a foodie, HK is litterally paradise for me. I’ve had xiao long bao (steamed soup dumplings), Pad Thai, char siu (BBQ pork), fresh sashimi and there’s a lot more food that I want to try. I’m looking forward to perhaps a seafood dinner in Sai Kung next week!
  9. What are you looking forward to next week? There’s going to be a welcome lunch for our intake on Thursday, I’m looking forward to finally meet the whole class. Mehak and I are especially excited to meet our two other roommates who will complete our “suite-family”.
  10. How many loads of laundry have you done already? I’ve already 3 loads of laundry already! It’s much more humid here in HK, compared to Delhi or Seoul, but I absolutely don’t mind it because I’ve had such a great time exploring the campus and city!

Here are more photos from Eunice that captures her adventures during the first week in Hong Kong.

3 am in LFK. Left to right: Eunice, Ayush, Mehak, Usman, Arjun, Mandakini. Note: LKF is short for Lan Kwai Fong, synonymous for where all the cool MBA students hang out (every weekend!)
Going local – heading back to campus from Mong Kok. Left to right: Mehak, Yulia, Mandakini, Eunice.

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