My First Week in Hong Kong – Alvin Valerian

We asked three students from Full-Time MBA Intake 2016 who came in early for the Mandarin program how their first week went. Here’s what Alvin told us:

  1. Where are you from? I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia; third generation Indonesian-Chinese.
  2. What were you doing right before coming to HK? Visiting my grandfather in the hospital’s ICU ward while trying to have farewells with friends and families every single day before coming to HK
  3. What’s your first impression of HK? “This is the place where I want to be!”
  4. What was your first impression of the campus? Massive, Modern, and Beautiful
  5. What were you most anxious about before coming to HK? That on my first taxi ride from the airport to HKUST, the driver would bring me to HKU instead
  6. Made any friends already? I think I know most of my classmates who are in Mandarin class already. I hope.
  7. Homesick already? Not yet 🙂
  8. Any HK delicacies you’ve already tried this week? Not yet 😦
  9. What are you looking forward to new week (week 2)? Meeting more friends, hiking up Lantau Peak, and getting registered to become a real (official) MBA student
  10. How many loads of laundry have you done already? About 3 kgs

Here are two photos from Alvin showingwhat a great time he’s having with new friends

Relaxing after Mandarin class with classmates
Relaxing after Mandarin class with classmates. Left to right: Matteo, Jee Won, Suyeon, Alvin and Jaesong
Friday night – happy hour on campus. Left to right: Alvin, Seulhae, SeungMin, Patrick, Giuseppe, Matteo, Phebe.

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